Grand Lodge's History

Opened as a McMenamins hotel in 2000


This epic brick-and-columned lodging, dining and event property draws energy from a long and mystical past as the Masonic and Eastern Star Home. Having originally opened in 1922 as a rest home for members of the Masonic order and its auxiliaries, it provided residents with excellent shelter and care prior to the establishment of the Welfare and Social Security systems.

The smaller brick building now known as the Children’s Cottage was built in 1926 as an orphanage but quickly adapted for administrative offices when it was realized that operating a facility for both the young and the elderly was a little too ambitious.

In 1989 the Masons built the Jennings-McCall Center, an elder-care complex just to the north, and in 1999 moved out of the lodge entirely, turning over its care to McMenamins. Today, the Grand Lodge is alive with artwork, live music, special events, a day spa, small bars, soaking pool, a theater, expansive grounds and beautiful gardens.