Maximum capacity is 3300.

Grand Lodge is an ADA compliant venue; all shows have a Mobility Disability area with limited space. See below for details.


Parking is free with all tickets.

  • General Admission (GA): Every show offers GA tickets for seating on the lawn, first come/first served.Premium GA: Standing room only immediately in front of the stage, first come/first served; no towels or chairs allowed. Available at select shows.Reserved Seating: Assigned seats immediately in front of the stage. Available at select shows. View detailed seating chart.Click “buy tickets” on a show to see which ticket/seating options are available.
    • As of 2024, personal chairs are not allowed in the venue. Acceptable seating in GA: venue rental chairs*, seat cushions up to 16x16” each, towels up to 30x60”, legless portable stadium seat cushioning and Crazy Creek-style seating (up to 16x16x16") will be allowed in specific areas of the venue.

    *Venue rental chairs may be reserved when you purchase tickets. Availability is limited. Chair pickup is inside the venue, and we ask that you drop off at the same location after the show.

    • Be considerate! On sold-out nights the lawn can be crowded. Please do not reserve more space than you actually need, allowing room for your fellow concertgoers. Concert staff reserves the right to condense parties and reseat patrons. If you have trouble finding a spot, please ask concert staff for assistance.
    • Seating, standing & dancing: Please be neighborly! Refrain from conduct that is offensive or physically dangerous. During some concerts, artists may encourage guests to stand immediately in front of their seats. On those occasions, standing guests shall continue to be respectful of others around them. Standing on seats or any other building structure is not permitted and may result in ejection from the event.
    • Lines for entry may not form before 7am the day of show. No overnight camping in line.

Grand Lodge Concerts Property Map
Reserved seating map

Wheelchair IconPatrons with Mobility Disability Needs:

For our mobility-disabled patrons, we have an area for wheelchairs, scooters and mobility devices. A Patrons with Mobility Disability Ticket (PWMD Ticket) is required to access this area. Availability will be listed on each concert's ticketing page on

The Grand Lodge concert venue is accessible to individuals with mobility disability needs. Please note: the ground can be uneven.

If you require accommodation for a disability, please contact us at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

Patrons with Mobility Disability (PWMD) Tickets

  • PWMD tickets are available for patrons with mobility disability needs and up to three companions. Companions must purchase PWMD tickets as well.
  • PWMD tickets are required to sit or stand in the designated section. Capacity in this section is limited, so we recommend purchasing tickets in advance at etix or at any McMenamins ticket outlet.

: If you aren't using a wheelchair or mobility scooter but do need assistance getting in to the concert venue or finding a place to sit that will work for you, we have staff and shuttles ready to help.  Please let your parking attendant or a staff member know and they can call someone to assist you.


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Why aren’t personal chairs allowed in the venue?

Our first and foremost goal is for everyone to have a great experience at Concerts in the Grove. In order for this to happen, we had to regulate the size of chairs so that everyone can see the stage. However, checking chairs at entry has become cumbersome and time consuming, causing lags for people entering the venue.

In searching for a solution, we looked to other venues, and many have successful chair rental programs with uniform sizing, allowing everyone a fair chance to view the show. You are not required to rent a chair. Personal seat cushions up to 16x16”, towels up to 30x60”, legless portable stadium seats and Crazy Creek-style seating (up to 16x16x 16") are acceptable in specific areas of the venue.